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May 2015
Retreat House Interior In this Issue:
Ascension and May
May 1-3 Retreat with Msgr. Perkinton
May 8-9 Women's Retreat with Teresa Monaghen
Lay Ignatian Retreat
Summer Priest Retreats
Why Silence on a Retreat?

For over 50 years, Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House has offered a peaceful atmosphere of prayer and recollection, situated on a spacious acreage near Waverly, Nebraska. The facility includes fifty single rooms, each with a private bath. Each retreat includes meditations by the retreat master, and opportunities for silence, prayer, adoration and the Sacraments. Retreats typically begin with Rosary and Mass at 8:00 PM on Friday evening, and end with Mass on Sunday followed by lunch.
Take a tour, see the full retreat schedule, and register online: www.goodcounselretreat.com.
You can also email goodcounsel@cdolinc.net or call 402-786-2705.

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Easter Lily

Celebrating May: the Resurrection and Ascension

Christ has conquered sin and death by his resurrection, and we celebrate not one day but fifty! The Easter Season lasts from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, a season of grace and a time of joy and thanksgiving. May 24 is not only Pentecost Sunday and the weekend of our diocesan ordinations. May 24, 1964 was the Dedication of Good Counsel Retreat House and the Catholic Center - another great cause for rejoicing.

Ascension Thursday is celebrated 40 days after Easter (May 14 this year - mark your calendar, it's a Holy Day of Obligation). This solemnity directs our attention to Christ, who ascended into heaven before the eyes of his disciples. He is now seated at the right hand of the Father and invested with royal power. He prepares a place for its in his kingdom of heaven and is destined to come again at the end of time.

The month of May is dedicated to our heavenly mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. As we recall and honor our earthly mothers on Mother's Day, make time for prayer and asking the intercession of Mary, that we might draw close to her Son, keep our eyes fixed on heaven, and thus be prepared for the moment of our death so as to share in Christ's new and resurrected life.

May 1-3, 2015 with Msgr. John Perkinton: Spiritual Foundations of Discipleship

Msgr. Perkinton

Please note this is a change in the originally published schedule of retreats: in place of Deacon James Keating, Msgr. John Perkinton will give a retreat for men and women May 1-3, 2015, entitled "Spiritual Foundations of Discipleship".

Msgr. Perkinton describes the retreat as "Discipleship 101", a guide to the basic principles of prayer, the foundations behind the spiritual life of every Saint. This retreat will not only be for those who want to develop a life of prayer, but also for those looking to go deeper as disciples seeking union with Christ. Coming a month after Easter, this retreat would be an excellent opportunity for those who join the Church, or anyone who wants to renew their baptismal commitment by having a better relationship with the Lord.

Ordained in 1985, Msgr. Perkinton is an accomplished spiritual director, Diocesan Superintendent of Schools, Chaplain of the Marian Sisters, Director of Villa Marie School, and Chairman of the Diocesan Building Commission.

This weekend retreat is open to men and women of all ages. Register Online.

May 8-9 Mother's Retreat with Teresa Monaghen: "The Gospel of Joy for Women - In the Spirit of Pope Francis and Our Lady"

Teresa Monaghen

All women, especially mothers, are invited to a Retreat May 8-9 with Teresa Monaghen on the "Gospel of Joy for Women - In the spirit of Pope Francis and Our Lady!" A 'time-out' before Mother's Day to have an overnight to ponder God's gift of motherhood and holiness.

The retreat will be based on the message of Pope Francis from his recent writing on "Gospel of Joy" and how it relates to Women and Motherhood. Using brief scenes from the movie, "Mary of Nazareth" the sessions will highlight a mother's role in evangelizing her children and witnessing to them "the indescribable and glorious joy of encountering Jesus!"
All are invited to pray with this key passage: "Although you have not seen him you love him; even though you do not see him now yet believe in him, you rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy, as you attain the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls." (1 Peter 1:8-9)

Teresa Monaghen, AO, is a consecrated woman of in the Secular Institute of the Apostolic Oblates and full time promoter of the Pro Sanctity Movement, assisting people of all ages on their journey of holiness. She holds an STB in Theology from Rome and a MA in Christian Spirituality from Creighton University, Omaha. She teaches Marian Spirituality. Teresa lives in Elkhorn, Nebraska and directs the Pro Sanctity Retreat Center and Camp Fun and Faith for girls.

The Retreat is open to women of all ages, including those who are not mothers. The suggested donation is $100 but no one is refused for inability to pay. Register Online, email goodcounsel@cdolinc.net or call 402-786-2705.
Consider making a Mother's Day Gift for the Mom, Mother or Grandmother in your life!

8-Day Ignatian Retreat for Laity with Fr. Christopher Barak

Fr Barak

An Ignatian Retreat for laity and religious will be held June 15-23, 2015 (evening of the 15th to the evening of the 23rd).

The directed Ignatian retreat involves (usually four) extended prayer periods daily, with passages from Scripture or specific spiritual themes, chosen or suggested by the director giving the Spiritual Exercises, based on his knowledge of the retreatant's progress during the retreat. Giving the Exercises will be Father Christopher Barak, and if necessary, other priests of the Diocese of Lincoln. Ordained a priest for 27 years, Fr. Barak is pastor of St Vincent de Paul Church in Seward.

The retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius (suggested: the Fr. Puhl, S.J., translation is preferred). You may wish to read the first 21 numbers of the Spiritual Exercises; you also might like to read Meditation and Contemplation by Father Timothy Gallagher, OMV. The suggested donation is $80 a day, if you cannot afford this, please do not let it keep you from making the retreat. Your pastor or a group in your parish may be willing to help you.

This retreat is open to men, women, and religious of all ages. Please email goodcounsel@cdolinc.net or call 402-786-2705 to request an application form, and submitted you completed application soon as space is limited.

Summer and Priest Retreats


An important part of the mission of Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House is providing retreats for priests.

Please pray for your priests as they go on retreat this summer: May 25-28, May 31-June 4, and August 2-6. Priests need a time for refreshment and renewal on retreat just as much as laity, if not more so.

There will also be an 8-Day Ignatian Retreat for priests (and seminarians) July 19-27. It would be a wonderful gift and a way to say thanks: consider offering to help pay part or all of the cost for your favorite priest to attend this retreat.

Please note that there are no regular weekend retreats over the summer. But you can still Purchase Recordings of Retreats - new recordings are available.

Why is Silence so Important in Our Lives (and on Our Retreats)?

Cardinal Dolan

From a homily by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York:

Each of the seven years I was rector of the North American College in Rome, I had the pleasure of reading 50 or so autobiographies of the men entering. I soon discovered a common thread: Almost all of the men discerned the call to the priesthood in silence. It was often during quiet prayer before the Eucharist; sometimes during a retreat or another period of stillness; maybe during a time of quiet reflection after a pivotal experience or encounter. For some of them, it came in silence on a life-changing episode such as a pilgrimage, service project, or World Youth Day. Never did it come as a shout, as a yell, in a panic, or in a crowd. No, it came gently, softly, quietly, the voice of the Shepherd only to be discerned in silence.

Does it seem too simple? To promote vocations we best promote silence. To hear his voice we must be quiet. To let him talk, we stop talking. Our first vocation, then, is not to priesthood, marriage, religious life, lay ecclesial ministry, deaconate, the single state. No. Our primary vocation is to know Jesus, the Good Shepherd, so well, that when he whispers to us in silence, we will hear his voice and follow his call. Then, we'll have all the vocations we need.

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