Pictures of the Palio

The Palio is a bareback horse race between the different neighborhoods of Siena twice a year. It began as a religious celebration which has grown into an incredible tradition. It is a 4 day celebration with much pageantry, dinners, celebrations, etc.

648 x 434
Procession into the Campo.
864 x 579
Many, many people in Piazza del Campo to watch the Palio.

432 x 364
Jockey's wear the colors of the neighborhood the ride for.
866 x 424
Warming up the horses...

432 x 289
432 x 332
At the starting line...

456 x 233
And there off...
592 x 400
Oops, it was a false start - go back.

323 x 272
And there off for real...
683 x 502
The first turn.

504 x 341
The horses race by...
504 x 341
with great speed...

426 x 288
making it hard to take pictures.
286 x 287
And the race is over...

433 x 283
time to dismount.
549 x 403
Cooling down a horse in the Sanctuary of St. Catherine afterwards.

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