Pictures Of Palio (2)

These are various pictures from the events of the Palio.

648 x 356
The Trumpeters in Medieval costume
648 x 463
Each neighborhood wearing and waving its colors

576 x 363
Notice the flags being skillfully thrown high in the air.
665 x 514
Many unusual costumes

581 x 334
The "Palio" which goes to the victor is brought in on a wagon pulled by oxen.
720 x 647
The "Palio" is just a painted banner, but the importance of winning is the pride and bragging rights

432 x 289
Massive crowds fill the Campo as the tradition procession of flags takes place.
498 x 313
The horses enter and prepare for the race.

690 x 297
Many flags being waved (fuzzy)
625 x 360
The palio is processed in triumph by the winners.

504 x 370
Procession of flags going down the street
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