Christmas 2003

Family pictures from my Christmas vacation home in 2003.

864 x 576
Here we are gathered around the Christmas tree (almost) just like always. Brian didn't make it until Christmas day, so we had to wait to open our gifts, normally we get to open them on Christmas eve.
864 x 576
Mom and Dad with their new 'Christmas Pyramid', a gift received from mom's pen-pal when we visited them in Germany last year at Christmas time.
432 x 647
Brian and Carla, Brian's girlfriend who also joined us for a few days at Christmas.
864 x 578
My last weekend home it finally snowed, about 5 inches or so, so I got to go play in the snow before I left. Yes, that is my (parents) house.
481 x 720
Yes, that really is me. Can't you tell the low temperatures dropped below zero? Perhaps going back to Rome won't be so bad after all.

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