My Pilgrimage to Rome and Italy for Pentecost 2006

Arrival in Rome, Casa Santa Maria, St. John Lateran
672 x 450
Detail of the facade of St. John Lateran (1735): Christ our Savior with Sts. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.
St. Peters, Vatican Museums & Garden, Pope Benedict XVI
576 x 480
Pope Benedict XVI rides through and greets the crowds before the Wednesday audience.
Regnum Christi, St. Peters, St. Paul's Outside the Walls
750 x 555
Tomb of Pope John Paul II, in the grottos under St. Peter's Basilica.
More Rome, Vigil of Pentecost
896 x 600
Pope Benedict arrives to greet more thatn 400,000 people in the worldwide gathering of Movements and Ecclesial Communities.
More Rome, Pope Benedict, Mary Major, Museo Nazionale
400 x 600
I celebrate Mass at the Gregorian altar of Mary, the tomb of St. Gregory Nanzianzen (died 390), one of the great theologians from Cappadocia. It is under the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Also an important place for the Legionaires of Christ, whose founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel prayed here and was encourged to persevere for the canonical establishment of the congregation.
City of Bologna
864 x 576
Arriving at Bologna, quite impressive is the Baroque city gate, Porta Galliera, constructed in 1661.
City of Ravenna
432 x 288
A view from the train to Ravenna, where every little town has a large church, even towns like this one where the train doesn't even stop.

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