My Pictures of Monte Sant'Angelo

Monte Sant'Angelo, Italy - a famous shrine to St. Michael

(91K) 592 x 400
17 kilometers east of San Giovanni Rotondo, the city of Monte Sant'Angelo has grown up around an ancient shrine to St. Michael.
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The cult to St. Michael began here after he appear 3 times in the 5th century. In these he revealed this basilica which he had personally consecrated - the only Church in the world not consecrated by human hands.
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Descending down the to grotto sanctuary.
(65K) 592 x 400
The 7th century shrine/church actually began with this simple grotto, directly under the peak of he mountain.
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Invoked throught the centuries, St. Michael was particular credited with help in defeating the Lombard invadors in 650.
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A nice side altar in the crypt.
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Exterior of the more modern, upper church. It is still a sight of many pilgrimages (or tourists) today.
(56K) 400 x 592
A picture of the Statue of St. Michael in the crypt, dating from 1507, after St. Michael was credited with helping stop the plague.
(77K) 400 x 592
If you look real close at the center of this picture, one can see the rainbow that appeared while I was at the train station. A reminder of the many guardain angels God sent to help me on my journeys.

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